Neurorehabilitation Team

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What does cognivate do?

Who we are

Cognivate is an independent service providing specialist interdisciplinary assessment, rehabilitation and support to adults who are living at home after brain injury. This includes community based rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation and online services.

Our highly experienced community neuro rehab team includes neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, and physiotherapists who work together to help clients maximise their independence and quality of life – at home, at work, and online.

The team draws on evolving cognitive neuroscience to develop innovative interventions that motivate our clients and enable them to realise their potential – hence our name, cognivate.


How and where we work

We visit clients in their homes to gain a rounded understanding of their ‘real world’ situations, and to undertake an in-depth assessment of their abilities, challenges, opportunities, and personal motivations.  

We then work in a very hands-on way, in whichever settings are most conducive to progress: in their homes, in their places of work or study, and/or online. 

In addition we will offer resources and group-based online activities for clients and carers; currently under development, these will include interactive groups on different aspects of brain injury, offering advice, exercises, and professional and peer support.

Why choose cognivate?


We have an interdisciplinary team

Our therapists are a cohesive community neuro rehab team who work together every day to assess the complex problems in each individual case and then to design and implement interventions addressing issues of importance to the person and their families.


We focus on real-life goals

Goals typically relate to achieving higher levels of independence and participation in social activities, improving relationships, and in some cases returning to work or education.

Our holistic model is neuropsychology-led

All interventions are based on a clear understanding of the person - their personality, their motivations, and any cognitive, behavioural, and relationship issues.

We work collaboratively

We work collaboratively with families, support systems, and local services to ensure outcomes are maintained in the long term

Our interventions are ‘gold standard’ and evidence-based

Our model has been refined over 20 years of research with over 400 clients and was evaluated via a randomised controlled trial. Find out more here.

We use integrated reporting and billing

We produce a single integrated report which focuses on the overall objectives of treatment, bring together the perspectives from each discipline.  This is best practice, and also avoids duplication/reduces costs

How can you get a quote?

1. Check out our service details

Take a look here to see our pricing and charging information as well as which areas we cover. We also have some useful FAQs that you might find helpful.

2. Get in touch

If you’d like an informal or exploratory chat or would like to make a referral please visit our contact us page, us our referral form or book one of our zoom ‘drop in’ slots.

3. Receive a quote

If cognivate is right for your we'll provide you with an indicative quote for the services you need. We'll aways try to do this within 24 hours.

What problems do we treat?

Brain functioning underpins every aspect of the way people live – their way we experience the world, our physical and cognitive abilities, our reactions and behaviour, and the choices we make.  

Cognivate has expertise in addressing a range of problems which commonly arise after brain injury, and which often compound one another.  These include:


Being disinhibited, poor anger control, acting in ways which are socially inappropriate or risky, lacking motivation

Emotional regulation

Having mood swings, overreacting to events and people, being emotionally ‘flat’


Difficulties with understanding, remembering, problem-solving, planning

Motor Abilities

Limitations on movement, co-ordination, using things, swallowing

Sensory Faculties

Disturbances of vision, hearing, touch, and the perception of stimuli


Problems with expressive and receptive language, speech, social skills

How do we structure and charge for our work?

We charge for what we do on a transparent and ethical basis

We organise our assessment and intervention into clearly defined ‘blocks’. We estimate how many hours will be required to undertake a meaningful assessment or a period of intervention which has a realistic prospect of enabling the person to achieve defined goals.