Neuro physiotherapy

Find out more about how we can help with neuro physiotherapy in Surrey and London

Our approach

Neuro physiotherapy is a specialist area of physiotherapy, aimed at improving and managing movement disorders which have resulted from injury or disease of the central nervous system (brain & spinal cord). 

At Cognivate we use a goal directed approach to improve independence and maximise quality of life. 

The brain is able to adapt and form new connections by a process called neuroplasticity. Through exercise, experience of activities and repetition, our neuro-physiotherapists aim to positively influence neuroplasticity to promote recovery of movement. This movement is then used in functional activities to maximise an individual’s independence. Regular practice of these functional activities and exercises further promote this recovery and to help maintain abilities. 

Following a brain injury, individuals are at risk of secondary complications such as becoming more sedentary or developing muscle tightness. Treatment plans will include measures to prevent, monitor and manage these issues. 

How can we help?

Cognivate accepts neuro physiotherapy referrals from a variety of sources including case managers, employers or employees directly, HR and occupational health departments, insurers and solicitors. 

We provide a wide range of services and treatments to help clients prevent, monitor and manage issues arising after brain injury.  These include:

Detailed neuro physiotherapy assessment

Identification of physical rehabilitation goals

Individually tailored rehab programmes to encourage increase in function

Promotion and maintenance of activity levels

Vestibular rehabilitation

Spasticity management

Prevention, monitoring and management of secondary complications

Who is neuro physiotherapy suitable for?

Neuro-physiotherapy is suitable for anyone who has had a brain injury and is having issues with any of the following;

Locations we cover

Here are the areas where we can see clients in their homes

We currently work in Surrey, London and some areas in the South East. We charge for the travel time associated with each visit to see a client. Travel is typically charged at 75% of the standard hourly rates. This is based on the projected drive time for the return journey between the therapist’s home and the location in which they are seeing the client.  Wherever possible we will allocate therapists who are based nearest to the client’s home.

Where appropriate we can also arrange to see clients in rooms near our therapists, thereby reducing travel costs.


Find out more

For more information please see our pricing and service area pages. If you’d like to find out more about our vocational rehabilitation service or make a referral here are a few ways to get in touch: