Vocational rehabilitation service

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Our approach

‘Vocational rehabilitation’ (Voc rehab for short) means helping people get back to work or education after brain injury.  This is often a major strand of our programmes, as there are many benefits: 

If work is paid there are additional financial benefits – but unpaid roles are often just as enriching in many ways, and they can be stepping stones to future occupations.

Cognivate’s voc rehab programmes are individually tailored to help people either resume previous work roles and courses or commence new ones.  They are highly collaborative: our therapists work with the individual and with key people in the workplace, firstly to identify any challenges or barriers and then to come up with solutions.  

Our initial assessment involves understanding our client’s current abilities on the one hand and analysing the demands of their job role or course on the other, to highlight potential difficulties.  We may also visit the workplace in order to understand any practical issues and/or to talk with some of the key people.  Different therapists may be involved, depending on the nature of the challenges – our aim is to develop an approach to the particular situation which leads to holistic and sustainable solutions. 

Cognivate offers voc rehab both as part of wider home-based treatment programmes or on a ‘stand alone’  basis if getting back to work or study is the person’s main objective.  We are also pleased to respond to requests for advice or input from employers or educational organisations when they are attempting to support someone with brain injury start or resume their work. 

How can we help?

Cognivate accepts vocational rehabilitation referrals from a variety of sources including case managers, employers or employees directly, HR and occupational health departments, insurers and solicitors. 

We provide a wide range of services to help clients return to, remain in, or seek paid/unpaid work or study.  These include:

Vocational assessment

Job demands and skills matching

Liaison with employers and educational providers

Worksite assessment and job analysis

Bespoke job retention and ‘return to work’ interventions

Graded ‘return to work’ plans

Support for those seeking new paid or voluntary work

Individualised support for emotional needs and adjustments

Who is our voc rehab service suitable for?

Adults who have experienced changes, even if quite mild, to their physical, cognitive, psychological and communication abilities after their brain injury and who:

Locations we cover

Here are the areas where we can see clients in their homes

We currently work in Surrey, London and some other areas in the South East. We charge for the travel time associated with each visit to see a client. Travel is typically charged at 75% of the standard hourly rates. This is based on the projected drive time for the return journey between the therapist’s home and the location in which they are seeing the client.  Wherever possible we will allocate therapists who are based nearest to the client’s home.

Where appropriate we can also arrange to see clients in rooms near our therapists, thereby reducing travel costs.


Find out more

For more information please see our pricing and service area pages. If you’d like to find out more about our vocational rehabilitation service or make a referral here are a few ways to get in touch: