Our charges and billing

We charge using

Hourly rates

We typically charge a fixed hourly rate – £112.50ph for therapists, £215ph for neuropsychology. This applies to all aspects of their work, including face to face contact, liaison and administration and report writing. Travel is typically charged at 75% of the standard hourly rates (unless otherwise agreed).

We design our assessment and treatment packages to eliminate duplication of effort, and to help clients achieve their potential through goal-focused working.  Where appropriate we combine home visits with online sessions, to provide the optimal intensity of treatment in the most cost-effective way

We accept referrals from case managers, solicitors, rehabilitation units and private clients.

Typical charges for


We can undertake initial assessments at different levels of intensity depending on what you need. At minimum they involve a 2-hour visit by each of the relevant therapists , followed by joint discussion and a report which sets out rehabilitation recommendations with indicative functional goals.

If you already know that the client will need to progress quickly to an integrated rehabilitation programme, we can embed the assessment within a longer block of sessions.

Typical charges for


We estimate how many hours will be required to implement a programme designed to enable achievement of agreed goals, and identify which therapists will be involved.

This is discussed with whoever is funding treatment, and once agreed is designated the ‘budgetary envelope’ for the team’s activity. The budget will be deployed flexibly to ensure that the right therapists provide inputs and work together in ways which maximise the client’s progress towards their goals.

Our charging principles

We charge for what we do on a transparent and ethical basis

The total cost will not exceed what has been agreed

Any proposal to increase time for assessment or treatment will be discussed with the funder, and any further cost will be incurred only with their agreement. We charge only for time actually used.

Travel time is calculated for each client from the team’s central point

This means that travel time will be the same for every therapist and every session, and will be fixed within the original estimate. For more information on our location please click here.

We provide regular progress reports with recommendations

We provide interdisciplinary reports as needed and prior to the end of each treatment block. We summarise gains and any barriers, and explain how our recommendations will address specific goals

Locations we cover

Here are the areas where we can see clients in their homes

We currently work in London and the South East. We charge for the travel time associated with each visit to see a client. Travel is typically charged at 75% of the standard hourly rates. This is based on the projected drive time for the return journey between the therapist’s home and the location in which they are seeing the client.  Wherever possible we will allocate therapists who are based nearest to the client’s home.

We are also able to see clients who live further afield, but as travel time/costs can become quite high in such cases we would explore with you how our input could be made manageable and affordable – for example by providing some of our intervention and support online.

Where appropriate we can also arrange to see clients in clinic rooms near our therapists, thereby reducing travel costs.