Unlocking brain injury Podcast
Episode 1: The basics of muscle tone

14th June 2021

Release date

33 minutes



What is the Unlocking Brain Injury podcast?

Unlocking Brain Injury is a podcast hosted by a team of qualified health professionals for everyone interested in learning about brain injury, its effects, and neurological rehabilitation. We speak with a range of inspiring people, including experts in the field, to discuss and share experiences and information to learn more about the impact of brain injury, evidence-based rehabilitation and best practice.

Episode description

A brain injury can cause changes to the way a person’s muscles work. Kathy McDougall, neuro physiotherapist, speaks with Alison Hipkiss, neuro occupational therapist, about the function and different types of muscle tone, treatment and management options, and insights into its potential impact on a person after brain injury.

In this episode we cover:

    • Definition and function of muscle tone 
    • What can change with muscle tone after brain injury
    • How changes in muscle tone can impact an individual 
    • Assessing tone and using outcome measures 
    • Spasticity: definition, triggers and potential impact on a person after brain injury
    • Treatment options for spasticity and contractures
    • Spasms: definition, causes, triggers and functional impact
    • Importance of interdisciplinary team working to help manage issues with tone

Who is the podcast for?

Anyone who is interested in learning more about brain injury, its effects and providing gold standard rehabilitation. For example:

  • Medical, allied health and other professionals working, or interested, in the field of neurological rehabilitation
  • People living with a brain injury
  • Those who love or care for a person who has had a brain injury
  • Students


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Disclaimer: This podcast is not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided in this podcast is for information purposes only. Please consult with your healthcare or medical professional regarding any medical or health related issues.